CLCV Exposes Big Oil smear campaign in State Senate Race

Big Oil isn’t satisfied with just poisoning our oceans. Now they’re polluting our airwaves with a smear campaign against state Senate candidate John Laird. But Big Oil isn’t alone. They’re joined by a who’s-who of corporate interests who are using phony names to smear environmental champion Laird, who’s been endorsed by the California League of Conservation Voters for Senate District 15.

CLCV has discovered that these corporations have committed at least $800,000 in media buys and political mailers to influence the June 22 special election for state Senate.

Watch CLCV CEO Warner Chabot describe how Big Oil’s dirty fingerprints are all over the smear campaign against John Laird (video at right), and find out much more here.

Let’s fight back against dirty politics and elect John Laird to the State Senate.

Posted on June 16, 2010


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