It was a great night for the environment. Candidates endorsed by the California League of Conservation Voters won in 89 of 92 contests! Thanks to your critical support, environmental champions—despite being heavily outspent by their opponents in many cases—emerged victorious.

Environmental Candidates
In addition to successfully completing our tough and thorough endorsement process for dozens of California contests, CLCV provided targeted strategic and financial support in 13 races. Our efforts to identify environmental voters, and messages touting support from environmental and consumer advocates, nurses, and teachers made the difference. In some cases we were up against big polluters hiding behind deceptively-named political action committees. Despite being outspent by significant margins — in one important race by more than 5 to 1 — our candidates and real Californians triumphed in 11 of those 13 contests.

Now we’ll work with you to help them win in the general election so they can carry their strong commitments to environmental values with them to Sacramento and to Washington D.C. CLCV will continue to support Senator Barbara Boxer in her reelection fight against failed businesswoman Carly Fiorina (who recently compared concerns about climate change to “worrying about the weather”). And, we’re stepping up our campaign to “Build a Greener Governor” and engage environmental voters in that very important race.

We opposed Proposition 14, California’s new open primary law, but we’re confident CLCV will adapt to a new political playing field and ensure continued success for our best environmental leaders. Proposition 15, which we supported and would test the concept of public financing of campaigns, failed to pass.

Our one proposition win was a big one. In the remarkable defeat of Proposition 16, voters saw through the effort to mandate a 2/3 voter requirement for energy choice. This proposition lost despite the fact that proponents spent an astounding $46 million—outspending opponents by over 450 to one.

Looking Towards November
Our election night successes against well-financed opponents are encouraging as CLCV fights back against the Dirty Energy Proposition to kill our landmark clean energy law, AB 32. Funded by Texas oil refiners, the proposition is expected to be on the November 2010 ballot.

Thank you for a successful primary season, and for your role in building a greener legislative, a greener governor, and a greener California for future generations.

For a complete list of election outcomes for CLCV’s endorsed candidates please visit our endorsements page.

Posted on June 9, 2010


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