Our friends over at Protect Consumer Justice have a good story on how much it cost Ed Roski in lobbying expenses to get the Legislature and the Governor to quash a  California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) legal action so that billionaire Roski could get a stadium built for a football team he hopes to buy. 

CEQA guarantees that cities, groups, neighborhoods and individuals have legal recourse to insure that environmental standards are not sacrificed for development and that any unavoidable  impacts are fairly mitigated. In short it is an essential tool and right available everyone, or at least it was. Unfortunately the Legislature and the Governor have now  interfered with the judicial process in a way that sets a troubling precedent for the future.

Oh, and to answer the question that launched this post, it cost Mr. Roski just under $54,000 or about one fifth of the expected cost of one luxury suite.

Posted on November 19, 2009


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